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In/Sight’s goals are simple: Improve Resiliency and Reduce Vulnerability through a better understanding of conflict, fear and self.

For the community: Within the community, In/Sight is focused on women and aims to dispel the idea that women are inherently victims. Workshops are built to help you harness and improve the tools you were born with to manage conflict, be more resilient, durable, and better prepared to protect yourself. This includes day to day conflict, setting and enforcing boundaries, and various ways to sense the warning signs of a physical threat before an attack can happen. 

For organizations & teams: In/Sight offers various workshops to better understand conflict and fear, giving and receiving critical yet actionable feedback, and how to better understand the intentions of others and manage ourselves in the process. These workshops are experiential, meaning you’ll dive in head first. Theory is great, but immediate practice, trial & error is critical to make a new skill stick!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more info! If you have questions now or would like to chat about putting something together for your team or organization,  email